Hi y’all! Thank you for stopping by. Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Tiffany. A southern girl, with a loving husband, and a little boy on the way in October 2016. My kingdom minded purpose is to use my creativity and drive to teach and encourage others to live in their own beauty through harmony, joy, and peace.

Through my purpose, my heart and passion is to love on others through giving, random acts of kindness, and with my words. This blog’s name Pause & Ponder came from a description of the word Selah. Selah is found after many of the Psalms. I was intrigued to learn that Selah gave me, the reader, an opportunity to Pause & Ponder on what the Lord says in a specific passage and be open to what He wants to change in my heart. A holy and divine breath of fresh air! Whether it is through the words in this blog, scripture, an action, or a conversation, take a moment to pause and ponder throughout your day and take in what the Lord wants to say to you. His words speak life, love, encouragement, and correction. The question is…are you listening?

Photo Credit to http://danielleflakephotography.pixieset.com